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An architectural drawing of an existing building, object, site, structure, or detail thereof; accurately drawn to scale on the basis of field measurements. 

Office space planning & consultancy

Are you in the right space?

Sometimes, companies want to move when they don’t need to, other times they want a redesign when it simply won’t help. As they say, a square peg won’t fit in a round hole.

That’s why a workplace appraisal is the first thing we do whenever anyone asks us to help them with their office interiors. Basically, we get to know your business. We take time to watch it work, understand your people, your corporate structure, plans for future growth and all your technical requirements. Only then can we really know what’s best for your business. And, when you see how much more efficient and productive your company is as a result, you’ll see how it’s best for your bottom line too.

“The workplace appraisal report gave us a clear, concrete picture of how much space we needed for our new office.  It enabled us to evaluate our shortlist of 3 buildings and make the right choice.”

Investor Relations, Expro

How our workplace appraisal works

The appraisal is carried out by our own in-house team of specialists. They set out to address four major issues:

Space requirements - How much office space and storage do you need? How can you maximise communication between departments? How will you house your IT equipment?

Comparative fit-out costs - What will each building cost to fit-out? Which will cost less to run over time?

Future growth - Do you have enough space to leave room for growth? Will it scale up or scale down? Is it flexible enough?

Office refurbishment vs. office relocation - Should you stay or should you go? Could you make more of the space you’ve already got?

The written report

Once we’ve analysed the results, you’ll get a clear, detailed report, including:

Preliminary office space plans - how can you make best use of your space?

Estimated costs - what will it cost to design and fit out?

Site assessments - how do potential locations compare? What will cost you more in the long run?

Online staff surveys - what really matters most to you and your staff?

Project plans - how long will it all take?

Presented in person

When your report is ready, we’ll come and present it in person. It’s the ideal opportunity for your project teams and stakeholders to ask us any questions or raise their concerns.

Long-term savings

Is it worth the time and effort? Well just 1,000 square feet of unused office space could add half a million pounds to your ten year lease. But take on too little, and another expensive relocation might be just a couple of years away.

You don’t know if you don’t ask

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